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Published: 2014


Comments from purchasers:

"One of the most informative books on watermills I have ever read"

"Very detailed book on the workings of watermills and the process of milling. Will teach even those with a long-standing interest things they did not know before and the technical drawings expanding the many unseen parts of a mill are wonderful"


"Super book with fantastic illustrations. As a mill owner, the best I've seen"   "Extremely professional, well-illustrated and explained"  "The author is able to explain clearly to someone without in-depth knowledge"

"I am amazed at how comprehensive the book is, and at the high quality of the photographs and diagrams.  Congratulations on such a superb work.  It must have been years in the making.  I only wish that it had been available when I first learned the craft of milling some ten years ago. Although you target the novice, I find it extremely useful for learning about milling equipment and processes that are different from our own.  My sincere thanks for making this book available"

"Just received my copy of your book and I just wanted to say what a fantastic piece of work it is, a credit to all who helped with its production. I am relishing sitting down and reading it and hopefully taking a little of your knowledge on board. I have been working in a watermill as a volunteer for about two years and this book will be invaluable in piecing together the story and filling in the gaps of my fragmentary knowledge of mills and milling".

"An amazing publication with a mine of detailed information and so well filled with a wide range of photos and diagrams . It will certainly provide me with  great reading over the winter months".

"I really enjoyed this book, full of very practical information and well explained".

"I found the book to be superb, giving a good insight into the workings and working of watermills. And the drawings complement the text so well that the whole operation becomes clear"

An exceptional piece of work. This will prove very useful.


and Stoneground

Flour Milling


Nigel S. Harris

with drawings by John Brandrick*


The must have in-depth book for inquisitive novices who have a need to know more. Including watermill visitors, mill volunteers and guides as well as new mill owners and those who look after mills.

                         A4 hardcover all colour, 211 pages


Chapters: 1. Cereals - The raw material.  Flour - The end product. 2. Watermill history. 3. Watercourse and buildings. 

4. Waterwheels and water turbines. 5. Gear wheels, Gearing & drive arrangements. 6. Bearings. 7. Millstones. 8. Some auxiliary equipment. 9. The milling process. 10. Mill hazards & pests. Appendix A. Weights & measures. Appendix B. Roller mills.


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Over 95 high quality line drawings

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This book is the in-depth introduction to watermills and stoneground flour milling that an inquisitive novice needs. It is a book that aims to give in a simple way, a thorough understanding of stoneground milling terminology, mill technology and mill practices. Using easy-to-follow text plus 

More than 465 colour pictures

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Courtesy of Ifield Watermill

numerous drawings and photographs, it guides the reader through the various elements that go to make up a working watermill. From explaining the different types of cereals that are likely to have been processed in millstone mills, through the history of watermills, to the building design

Plus around twenty 3D colour drawings

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and layout. It continues by explaining the need for the various machinery components found in watermills and how they work. Only then does it describe how wheat is ground into meal and how that meal is processed further to make white flour.